Coverage of Insightec’s Exablate for pain palliation of bone metastases expands to 99.8 million members in the USA

Insightec Exablate in use
Insightec Exablate in use

Insightec has announced that Exablate, which uses magnetic resonance-guided focused ultrasound (MRgFUS), for pain palliation of bone metastases in cancer patients is now a covered benefit for members of a major health insurance provider in the USA. The procedure is non-invasive and uses no radiation to control painful metastases.

This expansion of coverage means that a total of 99.8 million members across the USA now have access to MRgFUS for palliative care of painful bone metastases. Up to 70% of bone metastases patients suffer from severe pain and radiotherapy fails to provide pain relief in 30–40% of patients. The Exablate treatment is FDA-approved for patients suffering from pain associated with bone metastases and to date over 1,000 patients have been treated worldwide.

“This coverage decision is a huge win for our cancer patients suffering with bone pain,” said Sean M Tutton, director, Division of Interventional Radiology, and professor of Radiology, Palliative Medicine, and Surgery at the Medical College of Wisconsin, USA. “MRgFUS has proven to be an effective totally non-invasive treatment in reducing pain and narcotic needs even in patients that have failed radiation already,” he concluded.

“The momentum continues to build for Insightec’s Exablate treatment. This expansion of insurance coverage provides more opportunities for improving the quality of life of more patients,” commented Ramya Singh, vice president, Sales and Marketing – Americas at Insightec.

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The company has also announced it has signed new distribution agreements with three new partners, Soelim in the Korean market, Unique Medical, as a representative in Slovakia, and Spektramed, in Lithuania.