Cook Medical announces CE mark approval for PVA foam embolization particles

Cook Medical PVA foam embolization particles
Cook Medical PVA foam embolization particles

Cook Medical announced it had received CE mark approval for their PVA foam embolization particles to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia. According to a company release, the PVA foam embolization particles were shown at the Global Embolization Symposium and Technologies (GEST) 1–4 May 2013 in Prague, Czech Republic.

Cook Medical’s PVA foam embolization particles, according to the company, can be used during prostatic artery embolization and have shown positive short- and midterm results and provided durable relief of benign prostatic hyperplasia symptoms in a large global patient trial.

The small particles, during prostatic artery embolization, are injected into the blood vessels that supply the prostate, and the particles block the blood so that it does not reach the overgrown prostatic tissue. Blocking the blood reduces the size of the prostate and relieves symptoms.

“Patients have been our first priority for the past 50 years,” says Rob Lyles, vice president and global leader of Cook Medical’s Peripheral Intervention division. “Consistent with this philosophy, we have worked hard to offer our PVA Foam Embolization particles for PAE as option for the millions of men suffering from symptoms of BPH.”

Cook Medical had two presentations on prostatic artery embolization at GEST this week: Nigel Hacking, consultant radiologist at University Hospital in Southampton, UK, discussed his experiences of performing prostatic artery embolization. Rio Tinto, an interventional radiologist at Hospital Saint Louis, Lisbon, Portugal, shared his knowledge of a tailored approach to prostatic artery access.

Hacking and Tinto have been compensated for presenting at the Cook Medical booth.