Avinger launches Kittycat 2 catheter and Juicebox in USA and EU for treatment of peripheral artery disease


Avinger, a medical device manufacturer of multi-functional catheters for treating patients with peripheral artery disease, announced the release of two new products, Kittycat 2, a smaller more refined ultimate support catheter, and Juicebox, a battery-powered accessory that automatically rotates the distal tip of Avinger’s catheters.

Kittycat 2 offers extra length to reach diseased peripheral arteries, therefore enabling subsequent treatment. The catheter’s design provides a gentle approach for lesion access, using a spiral fluted tip and 150cm length to create a nimble tour guide in small spaces and around tight bends. The pre-shaped tip of Kittycat 2 can be adjusted to fit the unique needs of the particular procedure, and is designed to traverse contoured anatomy and access discreet regions in the peripheral vasculature. The shaft system was created to offer responsive force transmission through the entire length of the shaft. Combined with torque control, Kittycat 2 is the ultimate support catheter and is compatible with Juicebox, providing further usability.

Juicebox, an accessory to Avinger’s pioneering catheters, simplifies procedures by providing battery-powered rotation to the distal tip of the catheter, allowing the physician to focus on gently guiding the catheter instead of concentrating on tip rotation. Juicebox spins at a constant speed of 100 rpm in either the clockwise or counterclockwise direction and can be easily added or removed during the procedure.

“The release of these two devices reaffirms our commitment to improving patient outcomes,” said John B. Simpson, Avinger’s founder and CEO. “By making our products even more agile and easy to use, physicians can really tackle those difficult cases that have presented a challenge in the past. We are now more equipped than ever to help as many patients as possible.”

Kittycat 2 is now available for purchase and Juicebox is included automatically with Wildcat and Kittycat 2 catheters.