AngioDynamics launches micro-introducer kits with a new stiffened introducer option


AngioDynamics has recently announced the launch of a new family of microintroducer kits, featuring a stiffened introducer option. The micro-introducers allow physicians to perform percutaneous introduction of a guidewire or catheter into the peripheral vasculature during minimally invasive percutaneous procedures, utilising a 21 gauge needle.

“The new family of micro-introducer kits with the stiffened introducer option was developed based on the physician feedback we continue to draw on to spur innovation,” said Shawn McCarthy, senior vice president of the Peripheral Vascular business unit. “Our broad range of kits gives physicians a comprehensive set of options to treat their patients and allows healthcare institutions to source all micro-introducer needs from a reliable and trusted provider.”

The new kits include a needle, micro-introducer, and .018” guidewire. They feature stiffened and standard introducer options with various needle configurations, including super-sharp needles and echogenic tip options. The guidewire has a range of configurations, including stainless steel, nitinol, and tungsten. Tungsten-coiled tips allow for enhanced radiopacity while the nitinol wire helps resist against kinking.

The micro-introducer kits are available in 4 and 5 French sizes, in both standard and stiffened configurations, which facilitate smooth entry into difficult vessels. All feature a quarter-twist cam connection, which verifies a secure lock, and seamless dilator-to-sheath transitions.