Angiodynamics launches DuraMax chronic dialysis catheter


Angiodynamics has announced the launch of the next generation DuraMax stepped tip chronic dialysis catheter. This 15.5 French, high flow/high performance design features proprietary “curved tip catheter technology”. The catheter tip is designed to reduce arterial insufficiency, provide superior over the wire performance, and improve ease of use during catheter insertion.

A dedicated guidewire lumen securely centers the guidewire at the leading edge of the venous tip. Approximately 30% to 50% of chronic catheter placements are exchange procedures performed over a guidewire, and an increasing number of de novo catheter placements are placed over a wire due to the advantages of reduced tissue trauma. This catheter provides a significant advantage in ease of use for all chronic catheter placements. 


The curved tip profile helps prevent arterial insufficiency, and maintains flows in the event of vessel wall apposition. Clinical blood flow rates of 400mL/min at modest arterial pressures have been reported by initial users at 30 days. The innovative lumen profile provides a large inner diameter to support high flow rates and improved kink resistance to ensure optimal clinical outcomes in tortuous vessels. 


Numerous additional features combine to maximise the innovative value of the DuraMax catheter:

  • Highly robust luer fittings constructed of thermoplastic polyurethane combine chemical resistance and superior dimensional stability. 
  • A rotating suture wing allows for patient comfort and provides flexibility to position the catheter tips. 
  • A robust  polyester cuff material allows optimal tissue in growth and catheter securement. 

The DuraMax catheter is available in a full range of catheter lengths, including a 48cm length, in both basic kit and catheter only configurations.