Acculis microwave tissue ablation system presented at imaging nurses meeting in Australia


Microsulis Medical presented its Acculis microwave tissue ablation (MTA) system at the recent Medical Imaging Nurses Association (MINA) national meeting in Adelaide, Australia.

The conference for Australian and New Zealand medical imaging nurses was attended by more than 200 delegates from across both countries.


Registered nurse Aime Smith, from the Medical Imaging Department at Flinders Medical Centre, Adelaide, Australia spoke about the hospital’s use of the Acculis MTA system, which includes a range of needle-like applicators for the coagulation of soft tissue. 


Flinders bought the system a year ago and has carried out more than 20 hepatocarcinoma cases using CT and three cases laparoscopically using intraoperative ultrasound.


Smith discussed the selection criteria used at Flinders to determine patient suitability, as well as the pre-operative work up, and pre and post-op care required for patients undergoing this procedure. To date, all of the cases performed at Flinders have been conducted under general anaesthesia, with day or short stay patients.


The Acculis MTA’s premier product, the Accu2i percutaneous MTA (pMTA) applicator, is, according to the company, the most powerful soft tissue ablation needle available, combining extreme ease of use with the widest range of clinical applications. It is a single high power, high frequency 2.45GHz, saline-cooled needle that is between three to 10 times faster than other devices. It can coagulate tissue masses of up to 5.6 cm in size in just six minutes.